Services to non-residents

Our company provides a wide range of services to foreign companies and organizations registered in accordance with the legislation of other countries, with subdivisions (branches) legalized and operating in the territory of Ukraine as well as natural persons – citizens of other countries or individuals destitute of nationality who stay in Ukraine.

Among other services provided by the highly qualified specialists of our company, we offer a list of advisory and representative assistance measures and support provided to legal entities and natural persons – non-residents of Ukraine in the following areas:

Legal entities, companies permanently registered in another country (non-residents), in the form of:

— support of registration of foreign investment in the economy of Ukraine;

— registration of a representative office of a non-resident by the Ministry of Economy of Ukraine;

— legal support of any kind of activity on the territory of Ukraine in accordance with the existing legislation, as well as

— representation of interests of a non-resident (legal entity) in relations with banks and state authorities, in courts.

— we will provide assistance to foreign citizens (natural persons) in cases of:

— entering data about natural person (non-resident) to the Unified Register of Ukraine (assistance in obtaining taxpayer’s identification number);

— obtaining (extending) a work permit in the territory of Ukraine;

— citizenship or residence permit (receipt, extension);

— registration in the Visa and Registration Office;

— accession to the heirship, entering into marriage (divorce), as well as

— state registration of ownership of property, acquisition of real estate, intellectual property, land, shares, corporate rights, etc., as foreign investments.

The features of registration of foreign investment in the economy of Ukraine should also be noted. Similar to any other activity of individuals without permanent registration or citizenship of Ukraine, investment for the purpose of profit or social effect is carried out in accordance with the law of Ukraine “On Foreign Investment Regulations”.

Our company provides assistance, legal support and support during state registration of foreign investments in administrative authorities and within the period stipulated by the legislation.

The costs of providing services to non-residents of Ukraine are contracted, and calculated depending on the complexity of services (consultations, support, representation of interests, “end-to-end”) and does not include mandatory payments, state fees, notary certification costs and translation of the documents.

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