Legal services to foreigners

Our company provides a wide range of services to foreigners – non-residents in the territory of Ukraine.

There may be many different reasons for a foreign citizen to stay in the territory of Ukraine. In any case, staying in a country requires compliance with the rules governed by the laws of the country. Obeying the laws is equally important to solving personal life problems related to stay in a given country.

It is logical to ask for advice and assistance from specialists in the sphere at the location and solution of the life situation.

The lawyers of our company are ready to consult on

— stay of a non-resident in Ukraine;

— risks and benefits of Ukrainian citizenship, working in Ukraine;

— peculiarities of investing in Ukraine’s economy;

— tax system for business activities conducted by foreign citizens in the territory of Ukraine

We are also ready to assist foreign citizens in Ukraine in the following issues:

— obtaining a temporary or permanent residence permits in Ukraine;

— receiving, restoration of citizenship of Ukraine;

— acquisition of real estate, land, property rights, intellectual property rights, corporate rights;

— adoption;

— accession to the heirship, entering into marriage, as well as the dissolution of marriage in the territory of Ukraine;

— registration of inheritance, wills;

— obtaining a work permit in Ukraine;

— assistance in obtaining taxayer’s identification code (entry in the Unified Register of Natural Persons of Ukraine);

— registration in the Visa and Registration Office;

— invitations to Ukraine;

— taxation for entrepreneurs or employees of non-residents;

— registration of foreign investment into Ukraine’s economy

Many different situations may occur. And it is possible to find a legitimate solution in each specific case with the help of the specialists of our company, whose joint working experience and high level of skills will provide a unique on time and qualitatively solution to any problem.