Legal services

Professional legal services are must-have for every company, organization, and corporation, regardless its business occupation.

Why do legal services become one of the main needs at any given moment of the company’s existence?

There are certain legal issues where the most professional and qualified assistance is mandatory.

Therefore, most organizations select cooperation with a legal office, ready to consult on any issues and provide practical legal assistance at the highest professional level.

Lawyers-professionals do not only have vast experience but also qualifications in completely different spheres, which is very beneficial for any organization.

We offer a complex of legal services, within which we provide consultations, as well as comprehensive services in the following areas:

  • Professional advice and assistance in corporate law issues.
  • Tax legislation (tax system selection, tax optimization consultations)
  • Registration of legal entities, foreign branches, representative offices, public organizations, natural persons-entrepreneurs
  • Re-registration of enterprises and companies
  • Liquidation of enterprises, entrepreneurial activities of natural persons-entrepreneurs
  • Copyright registration.
  • Trademark registration.
  • Assistance in preparation and registration of statutory documents
  • Obtaining all kinds of permits, licenses, certificates.

In addition, we provide legal services for foreigners, namely, we assist in receiving employment authorization, permanent and temporary residence permit, taxpayer identification number.

Within the cooperation with legal entities and companies we also represent their interests, consult, provide assistance during negotiations, draft legal documents, etc.

Cooperation with our company is always predetermined with quality, reasonable costs, and comfort.