Accounting services

We will take care of all your accounting issues.

The Promenad Group accounting company provides wide range of accounting services for the competent conduct of business to the enterprises of all types of activities on different taxation systems, namely:

— implementation accounting;

— accounting services;

— accounting support;

— accounting record-keeping;

— restoring accounting;

— forming and submission of reports;

Also, we:

— accompanyes the enterprise in all accounting related issues;

— conductes accounting record-keeping;

— helps to reconstruct accounting for the enterprise;

— teaches the entrepreneurs for the proper conduct of accounting and consult them on various accounting issues;

— provides consultations on tax optimization;

— provides services in designing and submission of all types of reports.

Also, we conductes online accounting/bookkeeping.

We provides accounting services based on outsourcing model, therefore, we conduct corporate accounting, yet, remain a separate company providing accounting services. This type of accounting services has a number of advantages, namely, you, as a customer, should not doubt the level of qualification of our employees, as our team consists of the professionals in the sphere. We provide qualification guarantees, and our employees possess extensive experience in accounting at various enterprises.

All this is possible solely due to the use of advanced technologies, high-quality software, and hardware. Therefore, we ensure the safety and confidentiality of your data.

We also carry out online consultations. This will allow you to contact us through the Internet and ask all your questions related to the accounting activities of your company without leaving your office or home.

Unfortunately, many entrepreneurs conduct their business without relying on specialists’ advice, but only basing on either their personal experience or the experience of their friends. This method often does not pay its way since there are so many questions requiring the intermediation of people knowing the specific issues.

Using the services of accounting outsourcing companies like Promenad Group, is profitable and suitable for both small and large companies.

We offer a number of advantages that set us apart from in-house accountant:

— We guarantee the professionalism of our employees;

— You save significant costs by introducing freelance professionals from such companies (since you naither need to pay out sick leaves and holidays, nor arrange a workplace for an accountant);

— We optimize the financial and tax accounting;

Our company willingly provides assistance in the most atypical situations which require immediate solutions. That is when it is better to call for the help of professionals, and not acting alone. We will fix everything and put it in order. In addition, we will optimize and even reduce some financial expenses at the enterprise which will certainly be pleasing any entrepreneur.

To sum up, attracting accounting companies to keep accounting and tax records is always convenient. Besides, you should not doubt the quality of our work at the same time.


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WholesaleProductionServicesRetailConstructionNonprofit organization


Natural person-entrepreneur:

Tax system:
General tax systemSingle tax, group 2Single tax, group 3