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If do you have an idea for business but are not sure which type of enterprise to register, or which tax system or organization and implementation of your business at early stages of its development are the most suitable, contact us and our consultants here at Promenad Group will help you to bring forth the best solution.

We provide accounting and legal services for all legal entities and natural persons whose scope or specific nature of activities makes a full-time employee at the enterprise inexpedient in terms of expenses/relevance ratio.

Who do we work for? What is the purpose of outsourcing?

A vast number of start-up companies face the problem of high costs in the organization of costs and tax accounting in the enterprise. The enterprise, while still being at the stage of  working processes establishment, faces the need to significantly invest in organizing the accountant’s workplace, paying salaries and social contributions, although any manager would prefer to invest these money into business growth (purchase of goods, manufacturing facilities, advertising).

Unfortunately, our current legislation is settled in such a way the enterprises must report about something, are charged with something, pay for something practically as soon as it has been opened.

In such cases, accounting outsourcing is the best solution to this problem.

Saving money and tax burden minimization are not the only advantages of outsourcing. Usually, specialists working in outsourcing companies are highly qualified accountants, since they provide accounting services for several enterprises and face a vast number of new tasks and issues requiring constant self-education, both in accounting and all the related areas. Moreover, the companies providing accounting outsourcing services constantly upgrade their employees’ skills, since they are financially responsible for the mistakes of their accountants, as well as the company’s image has to be preserved. In addition, this is another advantage.

What may be the fears related to outsourcing?

The issue of confidentiality and trust are relevant both in the case of a regular accountant and an outsourced specialist. However, if it failed to work, or make a good team, or rupture of labor relations with the employee is more complicated than simply move to another accountant or another company. In addition, the terms of information confidentiality are clearly indicated in the services provision agreement!

We work with all kinds of enterprises






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Why us?


Our accountants possess a vast relevant experience in solving routine tasks and the ability to engage in both complex and extraordinary events. Over 10 years of heads-on experience makes them the seasoned professionals of their work.


We always keep up with the latest changes, no matter how drastic and numerous they are. We are always one step ahead and will introduce our clients to the forthcoming changes that can impact their business.


We can design customized services scheme for each client. We do not use the word “impossible” but we will look for non-standard ways of solving problems.


The steps we make primarily aim at safeguarding interests of our client. We know how to communicate with regulatory bodies and provide an assistance in a difficult situation.


Under all circumstances, we protect all the information provided by our clients.


We work under a labor contract which specifies all the terms of our cooperation, the guarantee of confidentiality as well as its quality.


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