Registration of enterprises

How to register an enterprise?

A key step in the registration of an enterprise is the establishment of a legal entity.

This implies a whole layer of legal relations with the state. For a reason, almost any enterprise has an in-house lawyer. Nevertheless, it is not necessary to have such a specialist in your company on a full-time basis. You can contact us and receive qualified support just at the right time, regardless of the form of ownership, the presence of foreign citizens amidst the founders, or types of activities.

Within the registration process of an enterprise, you will have to become engrossed in thousands of nuances, starting from the name of an enterprise to the relations with governmental agencies/institutions.

Legal aspects of registration of an enterprise

A legal entity can be established in the form of companies, institutions and other forms envisaged by the law.

Depending on the preferable type of activity, registration procedure may differ. However, there are general terms applied to all forms of enterprises. Special terms are envisaged by the laws depending on their specific types.

For the registration of enterprises, it is necessary to know the ropes of the civil and economic codes, to know and correctly interpret the Laws “On Economic Society”, “On Citizens Associations”, “On State Registration of Legal Entities and Natural Persons-Entrepreneurs”, etc. As you can see, the spectrum is extremely wide. Therefore you can reach us out in any of the issues:

— assistance in selecting codes of business activities;

— choice of organizational and legal form and description of the responsibility of founders, directors;

— determining the optimal tax/taxation system;

— providing comprehensive accounting services

— permit for foreign citizens employment

— obtaining permits, licenses, certificates.

What documents are required in order to establish an enterprise?

According to the general terms, this is the Minutes of the General Meeting of the founders, the Statute (Charter) or the Deed of Foundation, and Form 1 of the Registration Card. If there are foreign citizens amidst the founders, it is necessary to obtain and provide the confirmation of taxpayer’s identification number receipt or the fact of registration of a company in Ukraine as a foreign legal entity as well as to register foreign investments. It should also be noted that a foreigner cannot occupy any position in the established enterprise without obtaining a work permit for the foreigner. This is a separate and complicated procedure.

A model statute (charter) is to assist in the registration of enterprises since it is a collection of rules taken as a basis for the enterprise’s activity. Since the Cabinet of Ministers approves this document, it can be equated to a document of the level of the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine.

Unfortunately, the model statute (charter) has a number of negative nuances that shall be taken into consideration during  enterprise registration:

— you cannot make changes (this document must be changed by the Cabinet solely, hence, its provisions are mandatory in the form in which they exists);

— applicable only for the registration of LLC;

— it is impossible to individually specify the powers of the director and the general meeting (due to the aforementioned reasons).

We would like to draw your attention to the name of the company. You indeed paid attention to additional words in the names of enterprises: “plus”, “2015”, etc. The fact is that the name should not be similar to those already existing. Moreover, you cannot point to the affiliation of ministries and departments.

Presumably, everyone would like to register an enterprise at once. However, it is difficult to avoid mistakes while preparing a significant amount of documents. Each error can serve as the foundation to refuse to register a legal entity by the State Registrar.

The experience of our company will help you to avoid any unnerving experience and get the desired result within short terms. You should trust the professionals.