Permanent Residence Permit

A permanent residence permit is a document confirming the legality of a permanent, long-term stay in the territory of the country (in Ukraine, in particular) of a citizen of another state, as well as certifying one’s identity.

Upon the grounds for a long-term (permanent) stay of a non-resident on the territory of Ukraine, the legislation envisages  registration of this fact in the form of a document known as a permanent residence permit.

! Individuals with a permanent residence permit are guaranteed civil rights equal to the rights of citizens of Ukraine (except for the right to vote, the right to purchase agricultural land, and other rights envisaged by the law).

At the same time, individuals with the permanent residence permit belong to the so-called “tax residents” category. In case there is a source of income of a foreign origin, an individual with a permanent residence permit annually submits a report to the tax authorities of Ukraine (at the place of the permanent residence permit registration).

A permanent residence permit in Ukraine is issued to the foreign citizens along with an immigration permit.

There is a certain state quota according to which immigration to the country is allowed.

Exceptions are possible for certain categories of people desiring to permanently move to Ukraine. Hence, it is possible to obtain the permission to immigrate to a country excluding the quota.

Experienced lawyers may select the best variant of registration for each specific case.

Here are the most common reasons and grounds for obtaining a permanent residence card:

— official marriage with Ukrainian citizen (2+ years);

— children or parents – Ukrainian citizens (family reunification);

— the right to obtain Ukrainian citizenship upon birth in Ukraine;

— adoption, custody.

Foreigner citizens obtain the following rights along with a permanent residence permit:

— free education for children;

— the right to obtain Ukrainian citizenship;

— banking services on a general basis;

—carrying out working activity without obtaining a special permit;

— importing personal car without paying customs fees;

— pension maintenance;

— health insurance.

These are not all civil rights guaranteed to foreign citizens by the Ukrainian legislation within applying for a permanent residence permit:

The lawyers of our company will apprise you in more detail with all the nuances, introduce into the course of legal opportunities and actions regarding a permanent residence permit and immigration to Ukraine. They will represent your interests in the organs of the state licensing system.

The legislative environment of Ukraine undergoes amendments and additions as the international status of the country itself changes.

For example, from the beginning of 2018, the updated rules concerning registration of a permanent residence permit have come into power.

These are new forms, and mandatory update of a permanent residence card every 10 years with retaining the right of permanent residence in Ukraine

Long-term experience and competence of our specialists are guarantee of the quality of legal support for foreigners in the issues related to obtaining a permanent residence permit and permanent residence.