Temporary residence permit

The existing general standards allow foreigners to stay in Ukraine for no longer than ninety days (in continuous or in general) within every 180 days.

There are reasons upon which a foreigner has to stay in the country for a longer period.

In such cases, Ukrainian legislation envisages the right to a foreign citizen for a temporary residence permit.

A temporary residence permit is a document confirming the legal stay of a foreign citizen on the territory of Ukraine, as well as identity of another country’s national.

Specialists of our company will lead you through the preparation, filing of documents and obtaining the permit in accordance with the current legislation of Ukraine. Let’s consider the options fundamental for issuing a temporary residence permit:

  1. Long-term residence with conducting working activity;
  2. In case when of the spouses has Ukrainian citizenship (family reunification);
  3. Family reunification in the case when one of the members has already obtained a temporary residence permit;
  4. Participation, implementation of large-scale international actions/campaigns and projects;
  5. For the purpose of direct cooperation in a religious organization;
  6. In case of employment in a foreign representation office;
  7. Voluntary activity in the sphere of culture, education or science;
  8. For the purpose of correspondence or representation of foreign media;
  9. Studying in Ukrainian educational institutions.

A separate list of documents is provided for each specific case. As to the documents common to all the lists, these are as follows:

— personal passport of a foreign citizen;

— translation of the passport certified by the notary;

— the basis for obtaining a temporary residence permit (supporting documents);

— insurance

— photographs/photos (sized 3.5×4.5)

When obtaining a temporary residence permit, a civil passport of a non-resident of Ukraine shall be marked indicating that the foreigner arrives to the territory of Ukraine upon a temporary residence permit.

It is vital to note that within the process of obtaining a temporary residence permit in Ukraine, legislation party frequently introduces changes.

The temporary residence permit itself has an expiry period (no longer than three years), hereat it is called “temporary”.

In our company, any foreign citizen will receive comprehensive information about all the changes and the procedure for obtaining a temporary residence permit.

Our lawyers prepare the required documents on time and qualitatively for each specific case and situation.

The cost of this legal service is negotiable.

It does not include the number of mandatory payments, translations, and notary certification.