Services to foreign companies

The key point in providing legal services to foreign companies (legal entities to non-residents) by our company lies in adapting activities (economic, investment, etc.) of foreign companies to the existing legislative environment of Ukraine.

The complex of legal services for non-residents (foreign companies) includes:

— consultations, the establishment of business plan, based on the requirements of the legislation of Ukraine;

— consultations and assistance in the issues of legality of economic, corporate, labor activity, as well as tax and customs legislation

— registration, liquidation, reorganization of companies with foreign participation or representation;

— legal support related to all possible legal aspects;

— consulting on legal issues of investment, establishment of options for implementation of investment projects by non-residents, stage-by-stage and full support of investment projects with respect to and representation of the interests of a non-resident (legal entity);

— registration of investments to state authorities

When opening an enterprise with foreign participation (with the participation of foreign capital or founders – foreigners) it is important to learn the peculiarities of the legislation of Ukraine. Our company assists in:

— selecting the organizational and legal form of the future enterprise;

— selecting a legal, tax strategy for a growth of the company with foreign participation in Ukraine, as well as

— legal support in the registration process to the state authorities, tax, and statistical authorities in accordance with the requirements of the Ukrainian legislation;

— representation of the interests of a non-resident or an enterprise with foreign participation in courts, including the International Arbitration.

After the registration in accordance with the established procedure, a company with foreign capital or founders – foreigners becomes a full-fledged particpant of economic processes regulated by the law. Hence, they have the same rights and duties and are subject to taxation as well as any other legal entities in Ukraine.

On any issue, regarding rights, duties and other things in the course of conducting business activity by a non-resident – legal entity in Ukraine, contact us to receive advice, real help from highly qualified and experienced specialists of our company.