Working permit in Ukraine

Obtaining permission to employ a foreigner in Ukraine is very difficult. To do this, you must be patient and legally competent.

The employees of our company are ready to advise you, to help deal with all the difficulties, and to provide direct assistance in the preparation of all permits for legal work in Ukraine. We know not only where and with what question to address, but also what documents are needed for this, and which may additionally be needed. All the work for you will be done by our qualified employees, in the shortest possible time.

Employment of a foreigner in Ukraine

First of all, for a foreigner to work in Ukraine, he must have a permanent residence permit. In this case, a work permit is not required.

In other cases, to employ a foreigner, the manager must carry out several activities. First of all, to apply for a work permit for a foreigner issued by the State Employment Service of Ukraine. Also, a legal entity may be required to confirm that it is impossible to satisfy its staffing needs with the unemployed and people seeking work from among Ukrainians.

How to get a work permit – documents

The paperwork in Ukraine for enterprises that want to employ a foreigner is the responsibility of the employer. Moreover, already at the stage of collecting the necessary documents, certain difficulties may arise.

All work permits for an employee who is not a citizen of Ukraine are issued by the employment center at the employer’s place of registration. This permission allows the company to temporarily use the labor of a certain non-resident in a specific job.

To obtain permission to employ a foreigner, the employer will need time to collect the necessary documents, including:

 application;

 two photographs measuring 3.5×4.5 cm;

 copies of an identity document of a foreigner;

 a certified copy of the preliminary employment contract.

Certificates may also be required stating that the person was not prosecuted and no criminal prosecution, constituent documents, confirmation of the qualification of a foreigner, and others are carried out.

An employer must not later than 90 days sign an employment contract with a foreigner. This contract must comply with the legislation of Ukraine.

Certificates and documents of a foreign state must be translated into Ukrainian without fail and, if necessary, duly certified. Certificates and documents of a foreign state must be translated into Ukrainian without fail and, if necessary, duly certified.

The decision of the Employment Center on the satisfaction of the application or the refusal of a work permit in Ukraine of a foreigner is considered within 7 days upon initial application and 3 days upon repeated application.

How much does it cost to get a job

For consideration of the application by the Employment Center and obtaining a permit for employment of an entity that is not a citizen of Ukraine, the enterprise will have to pay:

– 4 living wages – 6-12 months;

– 2 living wages – up to 6 months;

– 6 living wages – from 1 to 3 years.

The company independently determines the period for which a person is accepted to perform certain types of work. However, it should not exceed 36 months.

If desired, the terms of the work permit of a non-resident can be extended. In this case, the employer should contact the appropriate authorities no later than one month in advance.

It is important to know that when writing an application to the Employment Center in case of registration for work as refugees, individuals who need social protection, the fee for obtaining documents does not apply in cases stipulated by law.

Cases of early termination of a work permit

The legislation provides for cases when the issued permit is canceled and an illegally employed person leaves the host country:

–non-compliance with the conditions prescribed in the contract;

– early termination of the employment contract;

– revealed the facts of the provision of fake documents or the introduction of false information;

– expulsion for violation of the stay, for example, lack of registration of passport documents in the relevant services;

– non-taking on immediate responsibilities.

Services of a foreigner’s employment

If you want to work with a foreigner, it is very important to check all the formalities. The procedure for employing non-residents is significantly different from the procedure for employing persons with Ukrainian citizenship. It is very important to take care of the proper documentation of the employment of a foreigner.

The willingness to work of a foreigner or employment of a foreigner by the employer provides certain advantages for both parties. Our company assists in the preparation of documentation and support until the moment of work. We help both foreigners and entrepreneurs who want to hire non-residents.

Our services:

  •  assistance in creating a business by a foreigner;
  •  assistance in legalizing work related to staying in Ukraine, for example, obtaining work permits or a residence permit;
  •  assistance in registering companies by a foreigner;
  •  assistance in employing foreigners;

If you still have questions and wishes, if you want to get quality help in finding foreigners employment in Ukraine, we are always ready to help you in the shortest possible time.