Customs-brokerage services

Licensing documents, product certification

We offer quality customs and brokerage services that will help to carry out an external economic deal properly and legally correct.

What customs-brokerage services are provided by our specialists in foreign economic activity:

Company registration at customs services

Declaring goods

Preparation of external economic contract

Customs valuation

Calculation of customs payments

Defining UKTZED (Ukrainian Commodity Coding System) product code

Export customs clearance

Import customs clearance

Filling in commodity/goods transport documents, TIR, CMR, TTH

Cargo execution in e-declaration

Consultations on tariff and non-tariff regulation

Representation in customs and other bodies

Assistance in obtaining all approval documents

Product certification

Selection of a suitable route of the goods, development of a scheme for its transportation.

Payment of excise, VAT and other fees, as well as their return

Consultations on currency issues.

Assessment of possible risks in the transportation of goods, at customs and at all stages of foreign trade activities

Analysis of all FEA documentation for compliance with legislative norms

Search for partners outside the country willing to cooperate with your company

Services of an experienced customs broker at all stages of foreign economic activity

Customs-brokerage services include all stages of foreign economic activity and our specialists will help you calculate the amount of all customs fees and payments at customs service, assess possible risks and analyze all the documents. If there are any inconsistencies with the law, the customs broker will point out to you for any inaccuracies, so you will be able to correct them. The analysis of foreign economic documents and contracts as well as customs documentation is carried out.

In addition, the customs broker will help clarify all issues or inaccuracies in such moments as confirmation of the customs value and country of origin. It also includes a list of services and the definition of the UKTZED code (Ukrainian Commodity Coding System).

Customs-brokerage services also include informing the client about the approval documents and the progress of procedures at the customs service. Moreover, the customs broker will help you calculate all customs payments and define the product’s cost after passing all customs procedures and making all the payments.