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Legal assistance to foreign citizens

Legal assistance to foreign citizens
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от 1 000 грн.

Legal assistance to foreign citizens
от 1 000 грн.
УслугаLegal assistance to foreign citizens
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Professional legal assistance to foreign citizens

We offer highly qualified legal assistance to foreigners, so that they can feel comfortable staying legally in the country. Due to our legal support, the foreign citizens can live and work legitimately in Ukraine.

What exactly do we offer the foreigners?

·        To obtain a permanent residence permit

·        To obtain a temporary residence permit

·        To assist in prolonging the residence permit

·        To make a work permit

·        To receive a tax payer identification code

·        To obtain the registration of places of residencein Ukraine

·        To register foreign citizens as business entities

·        To obtain citizenship

·        To register enterprises with foreign investments

·        To obtain non-criminal record certificates

·        To register places of staying

·        To open accounts in banks

·        To consult about the taxation system of Ukraine

·        To do accounting of foreign companies

·        To provide health insurance for foreigners

·        To register foreigners in the migration service

·        To register foreign enterprises in OVIR (Organization of Visas, Immigration and Registration)

In addition to these options, we provide a large number of services – You may contact us if you need any consultation on completely different legal issues relating to this sphere.

Thus, we help foreigners to obtain work permits – for this purpose a specific list of documents shall be collected by the employer as well as by the foreign employee. So that, we will help to accumulate all required official papers quickly and in the correct order, and alsoto submit them to the appropriate institutions.

Furthermore, we provide assistance in receiving a residence permit (a permanent residence permit, a temporary residence permit) – in order to ensure that you will definitely obtain such permit, you should uselegal backing. That is to say, you need to define a meaningful and legally legitimate basis to reside in the country, and thus, you have to collect the required list of documents. Therefore, we can do it for you and help to extend the stay in Ukraine. Our professional employees will provide you with all these facilities.

Other benefits are offered as well – we can help you collect and receive all required official papers, send them to the appropriate institutions, and get the needed document. With a great pleasure, we can consult you on all issues you are interested in. Our services always provide quality, professionalism, convenient terms and reasonable prices.

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