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Open business in Ukraine

Open business in Ukraine
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от 1 000 грн.

Open business in Ukraine
от 1 000 грн.
УслугаOpen business in Ukraine
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Open business in Ukraine

 Assistance to foreign citizens/companies in starting their business in Ukraine.

Our company helps foreign citizens and foreign companies develop business in Ukraine.

Our company specializes in legal and accounting services.

We offer you qualified help and consultations on starting your business in Ukraine.

We can help you register a company, open a branch office as well as anagency of your foreign company in Ukraine.

We can help foreign citizens become business entities in Ukraine

Why should you contact us?

We have the great experience in opening and conducting business in Ukraine.

We provide non-residents with professional consultations and assistance in starting their business in Ukraine:

·        Consultations on opening a business in Ukraine

·        Consultations on the taxation of  Ukraine

·        Consultations on accounting in Ukraine

·        Consultations on foreign economic activities

·        Consultations on the currency legislation

·        Consultations on foreign investments in Ukraine

·        Consultations on the employment law

We offer you legal and accounting support.

We can help you to register your company in Ukraine.

We will provide you with legal support for investments and conducting both business and charitable activities in Ukraine.

Our company can help you gain all necessary authorization documents, licenses, product certifications, technical equipment, moreover, we can register the trademark, your logo and also all patents.

We can create your own corporate website, email, etc.

If required, we will conduct a marketing research of the economic sector you are interested in. We will analyze the market, find out all information about the demand for goods and services, carry out an analysis of the competitive environment and the price and quality level of products on the market.

Furthermore, we can select suppliers, contractors, partners, personnel, premises and warehouses for you. In addition, we can help to sign a lease contract, so that – weare able to startyour business from scratch.

Moreover, our professionals can promote your products on the Ukrainian market. They will brand your product mix, create the advertisement to promote all goods as well as the trademark. We can perform all necessary measures to make your commodity or service recognized and salable in Ukraine.

Undoubtedly, it will be much easier to run your business with our help in Ukraine.

We also provide assistance to foreign citizens:

·        Getting the ID code

·        Getting employment permits

·        Making permanent residence permits

·        Making temporary residence permits

·        Prolongation of residence permits

·        Registration ofthe place of residence

·        Getting citizenship of Ukraine

·        Making certificates of no criminal convictions

·        Legalization of documents – Apostille

·        Providing the compulsory health insurance

Furthermore, we can provide book accounting and legal backing for the proper conduct of your business.

Everything is easy and simple with us

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